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Just the sound of the word 'Vietnam' no doubt brings images of war and violence to mind mostly due to movies we have seen and the workings of our subconscious. War brought the country to its knees but also showed the world this is one courageous and resistant people. Thus one cannot help but wonder: Is maybe Vietnam past these hard times? Has it may be turned over a new leaf?

The answer is definitely YES. The Vietnamese are hospitable and peace-loving people that live in a beautiful country of stunningly beautiful beaches, modern hotels, tastes that capture visitors, open-air markets, pagodas, and cities that bear the obvious brand of the French colonialist era.

What we advise you to do is to do away with all the negative connotations that cross your mind. It is important you know that this is one of the most popular destinations for nature-loving tourist and carefree vacations, a country rich with culture and versatile
Our travel guide and advice will help you properly plan your trip to Vietnam.
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