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It is not by accident that Thailand is the most popular tourist destination in SE Asia. It has got it all: natural beauty, forested mountains and lush vegetation in the jungle, fertile rice-paddies, emerald seas, and beaches lined with coconut trees, breathtaking.

This is a promising and exciting destination which is probably why tourists keep coming back. Thailand is located in the fertile area of the monsoons, at the crossroads of two great civilizations which left an indelible mark on the character of SE Asian people, Indian and Chinese. The exceptionally warm and hospitable Thais are famous for their relaxed manner, simple life and special culture which make them really popular
with tourists.

Thailand consists of a multitude of picturesque islands and beautiful beaches. It has 80 national parks which host various species of fauna and flora. Τhe two most well-known Thai islands are Ko Samui which is ideal for relaxing and Puket which is by far the biggest, most densely populated and most popular with tourists. We suggest you walk on the long sandy beaches which are lined with coconut trees, go scuba-diving
and discover the beautiful coral reefs and endless marine wealth of the area.

Ban-kong, the capital-city, the center of Thai economic and political life, at the end of the river TsaoPrayia, grows bigger every year. The Thais call it the ‘city of angels’; it is a lively, noisy, bustling metropolis with impressive temples, which are actually over 400, but also picturesque canals, and a population of 7 million people.

Buddhism is the predominant religion and this is where you will bump into monks dressed in orange-colored frocks wherever you may go. Our travel guide and advice will hopefully help you properly plan your trip to Thailand.

Note: The aforementioned data were updated at the time of uploading this article. They may nonetheless change without prior notice. Please confirm the accuracy of such data prior to your departure for any given destination whatsoever 


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