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Taiwan, aka the Republic of China, is an insular SE Asian country. Its surface area is 35980 km² and its population amounts to almost 23 million. The capital is Taipei although officially it is Nundjing, which the country has a claim on through the Peoples republic of China. Actually mandarin Chinese is the official language.

The ‘republic of China’ is nonetheless not recognized as an independent state by most countries and international organizations but rather as a province of the Peoples republic of China. Its landscape and natural beauties along with its cultural sights make it attractive to visitors. This small insular nation is situated in the SE coast of China.
A big part of the island is covered by lush green forests. Taiwan seceded from mainland China in 1949, when the communist government took over and the Peoples republic was established.. It was then that the local leader, Tsiang Kai Shek moved his government to Taipan. Since that time, Taiwan has been independent and has its own government, though China still exerts pressure for reunificaition.
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