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South Korea may be an unexpected destination for many. It does not seem to be that popular with tour guides. It is actually known for making headlines due to its differences with neighboring N. Korea and not that much-celebrated for its sights. Still S. Korea has so much to offer that visitors always go back home impressed.

Up until the 1960's this was a country at dire straits as it was financially destitute and alienated. The situation started to improve when Park Chung Hee took office: he modernized the economy and industrialized the state to such an extent that S. Korea became one of the Asian Tigers.

Seoul, the capital-city, is situated along the River Han, in the NW part of the country. It is a very modern city with lots of skyscrapers and exceptional historical monuments, one of the most important of which is the Kjongbokkung, an old palace and royal residence that dates back to1394.

The second-largest city is Busan and Incheon is both the second-most busiest port in the country and where the airport is. Daegu is a cosmopolitan city famous for its ancient customs, sights and traditions while Daejeon, in the province of Chungnam, is a big and dynamic metropolis.

The administrative and financial centre is Gwangju, Gyeongju is the ancient capital of the Kingdom of Silla and the old Joseon-dynasty capital, Jeonju, is now a hub for the arts, with numerous museums, old Buddhist temples and monuments. Last but not least, Chuncheon, the capital of another province, Gangwon, is perched among mountains and lakes and is quite famous for dishes such as dakgalbi and makguksu.

Our travel guide and advice will help you properly plan your trip to S. Korea.

Note: The aforementioned data were updated at the time of uploading this article. They may nonetheless change without prior notice. Please confirm the accuracy of such data prior to your departure for any.


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