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Oslo (Norwegian: Oslo) is the capital of Norway. Located in the southern part of the country and is the largest city with a population of 590,041 inhabitants. Together with the neighboring residential area, the city has a total population of 1,403,268 inhabitants.The geographic boundaries of the county of Oslo and the municipality are common, 22 km ². Between 1624 and 1924 and was called Christiania Kristiania (Christians). 

Main attractions are the Cathedral of Oslo, Center City, Var Frelsers Cemetery and the Palace and the Castle in Akerschous. 
Number of museums housed in the city with the most important: National Gallery, Church Munch, Nobel Peace Centre, Museum Fram, Museum, Kon Tiki, Museum Vigeland, Eric Ibsen Museum, Viking Ship Museum, Museum of Contemporary Art, Museum of the Norwegian Resistance Museum of the City of Oslo, Norwegian Museum of Science and Technology, Norwegian Museum of Cultural History and Norwegian Maritime Museum. 
Particular areas of natural beauty is Birkelunden (Sight), the Hovedoya (Sight), the St.Hanshaugen, the Botanical Garden of Oslo, Park Frogner, Park Toyen (Sight) and Mr Park Frogkner Vitzlant. Do you also walk on the square Fridtjof Nansen. 
Bergen (norv. Bergen) is the second largest city of Norway after the capital, Oslo.Located on the southwestern coast of the country, near the mountainous region De syv fjell ("The Seven Mountains"). The city is the epicenter of the oil industry in Norway, while the harbor serves commercial ships, yachts, cruise ships and small fishing vessels of the population there. 
Of particular interest attractions is the St Mary's Church (Mariakirken), Bergen, and the Brigken Fort Bergenhus (Monument). Museums worth a visit is the Museum Bryggens, the Museum of Hanseatic, the Bergen Museum and Bergen Museum of Art. 
Spectacular views of the city will enjoy the top of Mount Floyen. 
Finally, Tromsø is a city in the northern part of Norway. Nearly 350 km north of the Arctic Circle is one of the best places to view the spectacular Northern Lights in winter. The city has many churches such as: Ishavskatedralen (Cathedral), the Lutheran Cathedral (Tromsø Domkirka), the Our Lady Church (Vår Frue Kirke), The Church of Elverhøy (Elverhøy kirke) and The Carmel Monastery (Totus Tuus). Very interesting are the following museums: Tromsø Museum (University Museum), Polar Museum, Perspektivet Museum, the Tromsø Gallery of Contemporary Art, the Northern Norwegian Art Museum and the Tromsø War Museum. 
Note: The above information was updated at the time of issue of the article but can change without notice. Please confirm the accuracy of these before your trip.


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