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Malta, officially the Republic of Malta is a small and densely populated island nation comprising an archipelago of seven islands in the middle of the Mediterranean. Malta lies directly south of Sicily, east of Tunisia and north of Libya. The country's official language is Maltese and English. Roman Catholicism is the most widespread religion.The islands constituting the Maltese nation have been various invaders over the centuries. 

Valletta is Malta's capital city with a population of 6315 inhabitants according to the census of 2005. Located on the northern coast of Malta and is highly baroque character.Founded on March 28, 1566 by the Knights of St. John called Humilissima Civitas Valletta («the Tapeinotati Cities Valletta). In 1980 he was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. 
In Valletta enough to major attractions: St. Johns Co (Cathedral), Valetta (center) and the Church of St. Paul's Shipwreck 
It also has some interesting museums such as the following: the Great Seige of Malta and the Knights of St. John (History Museum), the National Museum of Archaeology and National Museum of Fine Arts, Fort St. Elmo. Also, visit the Casa Rocca Piccola (Palace). 
Other interesting destinations are: Sliema and Mellieha. When traveling to the last one, visit the Church of Mellieha (Church History). 
Note: The above information was updated at the time of issue of the article but can change without notice. Please confirm the accuracy of these before your trip.


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