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The top two fears of any potential tourist to Japan are the language barrier and cost of traveling. The former certainly makes sense as Japanese is tough to master but then again most natives there have a working knowledge of English. In addition, our internet guide is here to help you overcome the linguistic barrier and have as problem-free a stay as possible.

As for prices and high travelling costs, they are no longer a major concern as the exchange rate is improving and prices now are more reasonable for shoppers and restaurant customers. Yet, Japan is not exactly a cheap destination. Despite some difficulties, the usual ones an average tourist encounters when abroad, you will soon find out it is easy to get accustomed to moving about. Signs are clearly posted in English as well while Japan is also one of the safest countries in the globe.
The Japanese are always willing to help tourists. There are many phone booths on the street, mobile telephony and roaming works, mass transportation is excellent and punctual, the road network is state-of-the-art and services in the hospitality industry are top-notch.
Our travel guide and advice will hopefully help you properly plan your trip to Japan.
Note: The aforementioned data were updated at the time of uploading this article. They may nonetheless change without prior notice. Please confirm the accuracy of such data prior to your departure for any given destination whatsoever. 


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