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H Hungary (Magyarország) is a country in central Europe and member of the European Enosis.I country has many diverse destinations: relatively low mountains in the north-west, large plains in the east, lakes (Balaton - the largest lake in Central Europe) and rivers many beautiful small villages and towns diamond. The country is because the center of Europe is easily accessible and is one of the most popular destinations. 

Budapest (Budapest) is the capital of Hungary, the town took its present form after the merger of the cities Buda, Pest and Obuda 1873. The city is full of green parks, interesting museums and nightlife, and is certainly one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. Many attractions here such as the Museum of Fine Arts | XIV. Hosok tere, the Aquincum Museum and Roman Ruins | III. Szentendrei ut 139, the History Museum - Castle Museum | I. Szent Gyorgy ter 2, the Military History Museum | Toth Arpad setany 40, the Museum of Modern Art - Ralace of Arts, The house of the future, the Ethnographic Museum | V. Kossuth ter 12, Sandor Palace, the National Gallery of Hungary, the Fishermen's Bastion, the Way of Lords, Parliament Square and Roosevelt.Also the Basilica of St. Stephen, the Staatsoper, the Academy of Music Franz Liszt, the Hungarian National Museum, the Church of St. Anna, the Church of Saint Matthias | Matthias Church | I. Szentharomsag ter, the Church of the cave and the parish church of the old city. 

Budapest also has many hot springs with water and, therefore, here you can find many spas that are open to the public. The main ones are: the Gellert Bath | XI. Kelenhegyi ut 4-6, Baths Kirali | II. Fo u. 82-84, Coast Ntagkali and Baths Setsenii. 

The Debrecen is the second largest city in the country. Registered trademark of the Protestant Church of Great Nagytemplom. Other attractions are: Déri Museum, Ferenc Medgyessy Memorial Museum, László Holló Memorial Museum, Delizsánsz Kiállítóterem - Postamúzeum, Debreceni Irodalmi Múzeum, Kölcsey Központ. Also, the large city park Nagyerdő, the Vidámpark, the Állatkert, the Aquaticum, Műjégpálya, the DVSC Stadium and the Kossuth Lajos University. 

The Győr is filled with cafes, restaurants, boutiques and nightclubs. The history of the baroque town is beautiful and deserves to do here for a walk or sit for a coffee. Many of the attractions, among them: The reliquary of king Ladislaus I., The City Hall, The Bishop's Palace, The Basilica of Győr, Diocesan Treasury, The Carmelite Church, Benedictine Church, Synagogue, City Art Museum, Xantus Museum, Benedictine Archabbey of Pannonhalma. 

The Kecskemét is famous for its music scene, plum brandy and Art Nouveau architecture. Those interested in the architecture of the city should not miss to visit: Cifra Palota, the Old Synagogue and the Town Hall. Other attractions: Bozsó Gyűjtemény, Magyar Naiv Művészek Múzeuma, Szórakaténusz Játékmúzeum és Műhely, Kecskeméti Képtár, Ráday Museum of Calvinist Ecclesiastical History, József Katona Memorial House, Zoltán Kodály Music-Pedagogy Institute, Leskowsky Musical Instrument Collection, Hungarian Photography Museum, Collection of Hungarian Folk Art Crafts, Museum of Medicinal and Pharmacy History, House of Science and Technics, Zwack Fruit Brandy Distillery and Exhibition. 

The Miskolc is famous for its baths (Barlang-fürdő) in the cave area. Take a stroll along the main street of town (Main Street (Széchenyi st.) And marvel at the Town Hall Square. Remarkable museum is Ottó Herman Museum. Visit the National Theatre of Miskolc, the Protestant Church of Avas, the Greek Orthodox Church, Protestant "Wooden Church", the Avas Observation Tower (great views of the city) and Lezerpont Latvanytar. 

To Pécs is mainly known for its beautiful historic center. Major attractions here are: Christian Necropolis, The Mosque of Pasha Quasim, the cathedral, the Vasarely Museum, the Csontváry Museum, the Zsolnay Museum and Television tower. 

The Szeged consider the sunniest region of Hungary. Walk to scenic Kárász street, making a rest stop near the Tisza river, visit Dóm square, Votive church and the Ferenc Mora Museum. 

The Székesfehérvár famous for its baroque architecture and interesting museums.Significant historical buildings of particular interest is the Bishops Palace and the cathedral and Szent István Szent Anna. Other attractions in town are: Szent István Király Múzeum, Középkori Romkért, Régészeti Kiállítás, Új Magyar Képtár, Csók István Képtár, Budenz Ház, Fekete Sas Patika Múzeum, Schaár Erzsébet Gyújtemény, Babaház and Palotavárosi Skanzen. 

Note: The above information was updated at the time of issue of the article but can change without notice. Please confirm the accuracy of these before your trip.


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