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Greece is a country surrounded by sea on the east, west and south. It has an extensive coastline and many smaller or larger islands. Located practically at the end of the Balkan peninsula occupying the southern edge and having easy access to the seas in the Aegean and Ionian. The culture developed by the ancient Greeks affected to a major degree in arts, letters, philosophy, politics and sports in the western world. 

Travel the country is a popular summer destination. Although there are many winter destinations that could be used, but the winter tourism in Greece is still in its infancy. 

During your visit in Greece, it is likely to go to your final station through most airports located in the capital, Athens. We advise you not to leave immediately but spend 1-2 days to see some sights that every visitor will be seen here. 

Very nice views across the city will find the Lycabettus Hill. Walk to Kolonaki and sip coffee in cafes frequented the area where gathered around the jet set in Athens. Walk to the Academy and the University of two regions in the center of Athens with many people and shops. Head to the plate a traditional neighborhood with nice little shops and many kafe.Peraste the Ancient Market and stroll through the narrow streets of Plaka with its beautiful neoclassical houses. Start climbing the Acropolis in Athens. The Parthenon (UNESCO world heritage of UNESCO), the Erechtheion and the Temple of Athena Nike is definitely a unique experience of life that every man in the world should live. Here, the whole story starts from a small rock to the grandeur of its culture still influences today's culture. 

Get the Herodes Atticus and enjoy the paved trail. Left you will see the Odeon and at the end of the road and right the new museum. A few yards away are the Temple of Olympian Zeus, a beautiful temple in the heart of Athens. If you have transport, take half a day to drive to Cape Sounion to enjoy its unique Temple of Apollo, which is a magical place. Enjoy your coffee and wonderful sea views. 

There are also many interesting museums and galleries including the National Archaeological Museum, Benaki Museum, the Cycladic Art, the Museum of Ancient Agora, the museum Kanellopoulos and the Folklore Museum in Plaka. 

Chania is the second largest city on the island of Crete, one of the largest urban centers in the country and is a very popular tourist destination. This is a beautiful seaside city with lively nightlife and good food. Here lies the Gorge of Samaria. Take a ride in the Archaeological Museum which houses many treasures. 

In Crete also in the peninsula which is considered the capital of the parties on the island.If you excite the frantically partying till dawn, then here you will find what you want.Thousands of tourists and too much alcohol in numerous crowded pub and club area. 

In Crete there is also one of the great cities of Greece, Heraklion. This is a modern city with all that implies in terms of construction and traffic problems. Just outside town is the unique beauty of the Palace of Knossos. Spend some time here and will not be disappointed. Walk to harbor and admire the Venetian Castle of Koules, the castle stands today at the port of Heraklion. It's Venetian building was built in the place where previously there was another building that protected the harbor. See also the Venetian walls, the Loggia, Piazza lion, St. Menas, Church of St. Titus, St. Catherine of Sinai, Saint Mark's Basilica and Saint Peter Dominican. 

Visit the Archaeological Museum, the Museum of the Battle of Crete and National Resistance, the Museum of Natural History and the Historical Museum of Crete. East Port Peninsula is the Folk Museum Lychnostatis which is of particular interest. It offers guests an authentic picture of traditional life in Crete. Also visit the "Seaworld of Crete - Cretaquarium" who deserved one among the largest aquariums in Europe. Visit the end of the writer Nikos Kazantzakis Museum of the famous All Zorba. 

Continuing the presentation of major urban centers of the country should not forget Patras. Located in the northwest of the Peloponnese and is famous for very good wines.Impressive is the bridge that connects the mainland Greece known as Rion - Antirio.Remarkable is the Archaeological Museum of Patras, which hosts interesting exhibits.The Roman Odeon worth a visit as well if you have time to tour the factory of Achaia Clauss. Very beautiful is the view from the castle. Trademark is the Lighthouse. Make a stop and take pictures especially the afternoon the scenery is breathtaking. Noteworthy also are the sites of the Apollo Theater and the Turkish Bath. 

Fourth largest city is a city built Larissa on one of the largest plains of the country.Rhodes, famous for its beaches, its medieval castle and old town and the nightlife especially during the summer months. Take a walk in the historical center and visit the Archaeological Museum of Rhodes. Also of interest is the Byzantine Museum of Rhodes and the Rhodes Cosmetic Collection. The exhibition includes furniture, household items, woodcarvings, ceramics, including samples from the famous ceramic dishes of Lindos, traditional costumes and embroideries from all the Dodecanese. The exhibits date from the 17th to early 20th century. Do not miss the Grand Master's Palace, built by the Knights, who held Rhodes from 1309 to 1522, in place of an older Byzantine citadel of the seventh century AD. 

Thessaloniki is the second largest urban center and capital of Macedonia. The White Tower is a landmark of the city. Also interesting are the Byzantine walls that have survived in good condition. The Archaeological Museum of Thessaloniki is home to many treasures, so it take a few hours of your time for a visit. Also in the Museum of Byzantine Culture is of particular interest to many exhibits from the Byzantine era. Also, interesting sights are the Museum of Contemporary Art, Folklore and Ethnological Museum, the Museum of Struggle Makedonikoy, the Municipal Gallery of Thessaloniki, Thessaloniki Cinema Museum, the Ataturk Museum, the Arch of Galerius and the Rotunda. 

Remarkable end destinations are: Volos (beautiful coastal city with many museums and fine restaurants), Corfu (large island with many attractions and special color), Delphi (amazing scenery and interesting museum in a major archaeological site), Meteora (monasteries built on the stone, very beautiful natural environment), Ithaca (the island of Odysseus, quiet destination), Mount Athos (semi-independent area of extraordinary beauty with many monasteries), Mykonos (mecca of nightlife with numerous club and thousands of tourists summer), Olympia (the place from which started the Olympic Games) and Santorini (very beautiful island with beautiful beaches and many tourist in summer). 

Note: The above information was updated at the time of issue of the article but can change without notice. Please confirm the accuracy of these before your trip.



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