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The Czech Republic is located southeast of Germany. It borders the southern edge of the Austria in the north to the southeast by Poland and Slovakia in which a single state in the past. If you plan to travel to the Czech Republic one thing is certain. The trip will reward you, and a country other than welcoming and are very beautiful, with cities full of color and history and landscapes of unique beauty.

There are at least nine of exceptional interest for the visitor cities which are representative examples of the architectural features and the diversity that characterizes the urban centers of the Czech Republic. 

First stop on your visit should be to Prague, the capital and first most populous urban center in the Czech Republic. The historic center of Prague will surely amaze you. The historicity, architecture and outstanding beauty has highlighted a number one tourist destination, one of the most popular in Europe that the UNESCO has included in the list of world heritage sites. 

Once you feel pretty exhausted from your acquaintance with Prague, travel east in the province of Moravia and visit here more city, Brno. Those who are fans of the Moto GP Grand Prix combine your trip with games one and here is the famous circuit in which is held every year. 

The third largest city is Ostrava. Here you will find a different culture that has evolved through the centuries and influenced largely by the long history of the region and engage people with coal mining and heavy industry developed here. The old mining facilities is certainly not the number one priority for all visitors or the most popular tourist destination but is a fascinating and unique landscape worth seeing. Wear a special helmet that will provide you can visit and select the company that makes this job and you will find that it is a very special experience. 

Next stop, your Olomouc. A vibrant campus with a history over 1000 years and the second largest city history after that of Prague. What to say about the architecture of buildings, churches, fountains and other buildings? Here we feel that the whole story in front of you and you have become part of it. It is no coincidence that UNESCO has included many architectural area as the "Holy Trinity", a baroque monument built in 1716-1754 in the list of world heritage sites. The same list also included many fountains and roman style technique, churches and the Renaissance town hall with 15 meters of astronomical clock. Within walking distance are also the castles and Helfštýn Bouzov. 

The Karlovy Vary aka "Carlsbad", is a history (the largest in the Czech Republic), ideal for resort spa, very popular with German and Russian tourists. 

The Pilsen (Plzeň) is a city that produced the famous beer Pilsner Urquell, and is the largest city in Western Bohemia. 

Finally, Telc worth a visit primarily for its perfectly preserved Renaissance history center which is surrounded by numerous beautiful ponds. Wander the streets and you will be impressed by the colorful Renaissance-style houses also give a particular color on the path. The church of St James and the tower is open to the public and you can also rent a boat and make your walk to the lake in the warmer months. 


Note: The above information was updated at the time of issue of the article but can change without notice. Please confirm the accuracy of these before your trip.



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