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May be your top concern when planning on going to China is how you will manage linguistically? Chinese is not your thing, and you have n taken classes in everything but asian languages. Will that be a problem? Can you nonetheless get a grasp of this versatile and so different country?

Our answer is ‘Go ahead with it!” Millions of tourists go to China every year and speak anything but Chinese. There are many individuals who travel to China on their own, not in groups or through travel agencies, and they manage everything on their own alright. They even book their own accommodation with just a phrase book at hand and a good travel guide book.
You most certainly have to be careful with all the advice you are given as concerns your travel plans. China is not your average country. What applies to other countries, maybe not be the case with China.
Our travel guide and advice will help you properly plan your trip to China.
Note: The aforementioned data were updated at the time of uploading this article. They may nonetheless change without prior notice. Please confirm the accuracy of such data prior to your departure for any given destination whatsoever.


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