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Cambodia has been getting more and more tourists lately. It is getting all the more apparent it has what it takes to become a destination of choice and what is more visa is now easier to get for tourist, even over the Internet.

Transport and road networks are not what you got to see in the movies though one should not rush into thinking this is the country is of the next grand prix. Still, hotel chains are there and all big cities provide more than just quality accommodation.
Mobile telephony and banks are there to cater for the needs of the occasional business traveler. Our travel guide and advice will help you properly plan your trip to Cambodia.
Note: The aforementioned data were updated at the time of uploading this article. They may nonetheless change without prior notice. Please confirm the accuracy of such data prior to your departure for any given destination whatsoever.


USA Today : What travel development are you most thankful for?
Hotels with free breakfast.
Airlines with no bag fees.
Electronic toll passes.
Online check-in.
In-flight Wi-Fi.
Total votes: 1