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I do not think the past decade was one who accurately foresaw that Bulgaria would evolve into one of the emerging tourist destinations. Surrounded by mountains and with access to the sea to the east, between Greece, Fyrom, Serbia and Romania was very tied to the past to meet the demands of the times. But Bulgaria has succeeded. Right now attracts hordes of tourists dramatically changing socio-economic profile.

The capital is Sofia. It is certainly an important milestone for every visitor. Green parks, quaint shopping, bars, pubs and disco clubs. Here you will find over 250 historical and architectural monuments, so arm yourself with courage and athletic shoes since you have to do several kilometers of course if you want to visit them all. Many items are also in need of cultural investigation of the restless traveler. Apart from anything else, Sofia is one of the oldest European cities so show the appropriate respect during your visit.

The Vurgas although known primarily for its commercial port and the oil pipeline, however it has many corners to explore. Walk by the sea in the port area, or wander the streets of downtown, the shops, where you will see many tourists to shop cheaply.

The Plovdiv is the second largest city. Do not miss a stroll through the shopping center. You will find many products at great prices. Here you will find beautiful parks and monuments such as the well-preserved amphitheater and many Renaissance-style houses. Visit the Monastery of Bachkovo. The journey takes approximately 1 hour.

The Rousse call and "Little Vienna". Here you will find a feast of architectural buildings all clustered downtown. The places to visit is great number. With nothing but do not miss the Roman castle Sexiginta Prista, the Theatre, the House of Caliopa and the Pantheon.

The third most populous city is Varna. It is a beachfront resort with lively nightlife during the summer months. The archaeological museum in Varna is the most famous in the country.

The Veliko Tarnovo is a picturesque university town along the river Yantra. In the Middle Ages, was the capital of the Bulgarian Empire.


Note: The above information was updated at the time of issue of the article but can change without notice. Please confirm the accuracy of these before your trip.


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